A new distressing technique and my first Giveaway

When the mail came yesterday it brought my last birthday present. The new Annie Sloan book, “Color Recipes for Painted Furniture”. My family has not seen much of me since I opened the envelope :-) I just couldn’t help it, first the book was calling out to me and then the paint brushes. There was this new distressing technique that I just HAD to try. There were only three problems:

1. I did not have a good piece of furniture to paint.

2. The kids are off school at the moment and

3. for today and tomorrow I’m a single mom.

Number one was easy enough to solve. There’s enough scrap wood lying around here that I could at least make a sign. Yay!

Number two and three were trickier but I have to pay my kids a huge compliment. We started planting a pineapple – well, two actually so there wouldn’t be any fights – then we used the “left over” pineapple pieces to make a delicious, yet very sweet, pineapple upside down cake, and finally we played three rounds of Number Lotto, which amused my boy to no end. By then they were happy to leave mommy to do some painting. Excellent! I have great kids. Most of the time :-)

Unfortunately I still didn’t feel like I had the time to snap a lot of pictures while I was working on the sign. It really was a spur of the moment project.

And here’s how it turned out


I layered Chateau Grey over Provence, waxed, and then put French Linen on top and rubbed everything back. It was then that I realized that most of the French Linen was rubbing back and most of the greenish Chateau Grey showed and I should have reversed the color sequence as I wanted the sign to have mainly a greyish touch. If I only had thought about it a bit more…. But I’m still pretty happy with the outcome and with how the distressing looks

DSC_1374 DSC_1382

I love how the Provence peeks through and how it really looks like the paint has been rubbed off over time.

DSC_1383 DSC_1379

Now what do you think? Do you like?

If you do – I’m giving it away :-) Just leave a comment, that’s all it takes. I’ll ship within the U.S. The giveaway closes tomorrow at 8 pm.

Thanks for stopping by 😉

P.S. The dimensions would probably be helpful… It measures 13″ long x 3.5″ tall x 0.75″ thick



4 thoughts on “A new distressing technique and my first Giveaway

    • Thank you, Bernadette! And thanks for being my first comment ever – who knows, if everything else stays silent you might just have a new sign to put up somewhere 😉