Remember? This is what the barn door looked like after it was built


To be honest, I was scared for a bit whether it might in the end be too rustic. I know, I’m insane :-) And I always, always underestimate the power of paint. I knew it would look so much better painted but it really looked so much better!


After trying the door in the living room we decided it really didn’t work there. It just wouldn’t go with the fancy squares the previous owners put on the wall

DSC_2228 arrow

(I see some board and batten in the future, but hush, the hubby’s not been informed yet :-))

It helped us figure out though that a barn door style shutter in that corner might look good. And that this might actually be something for the shop as it would be shippable. What do you think? Do you think people would buy them?

Anyway, so in the end the door went into the bedroom


I’m happy. Rob’s happy. The girl still thinks it’s kind of weird. And the boy… the boy thinks the door can be opened and it will lead you right into Neverland.

Maybe I should give it a try one day…




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