Freshening up Old Flower Pots

I’ve never been known for my green thumb. Working in the yard has never been my thing and when I was little I dreaded my mom’s call to come help her outside. When we moved to England and everybody’s yard was in perfect shape, ours was the one that was always standing out – and not necessarily in a good way. However, I did “learn” how to plant petunias and I even managed to keep them alive, which I considered quite the accomplishment :-). And over time I actually got myself to experiment a little.

Six years later I still don’t know an awful lot about plants. I still enter our garden center and pretty much buy what looks pretty and if it wasn’t for the little helpful labels I would probably never know what I’m buying and how to take care of it. But at least our porch now consists of something other than only petunias :-)

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What I do enjoy about getting our porch ready in the spring, however, is prettying up my flower pots. Now that’s a job that’s right up my alley. And so I thought I’d for once show you a few outside pictures – with the focus clearly on the pots and not so much on the plants 😉

DSC_4052 edited

As you can see, I still haven’t completely let go of the petunias.. :-)

Toepfe 1 copy



Each one of these containers is at least five years old and they’ve all been painted numerous times. After years of colorful pots I decided on some “French” pots this year, in plain white with some French transfers on them (a huge thanks goes to the Graphics Fairy!)


My herb pots got a little chalk board label added.

Yes, there is a little green pot in the back that doesn’t quite match the color scheme :-) It was painted by my youngest and hosts a chilli bean that he planted at school. He had his heart set on green, so green it was.

DSC_4095 edited

Talking about the lack of my green thumb – I even manage to kill basil!  Which breaks my heart every time because I LOVE basil. I keep them in the sun, I water them, I try to keep them out of the rain… So please, if any gardeners have any tips for how to get huge, massive, wonderful bushes of basil – I’m all ears!!

Toepfe 2 copy

The hanging planter and the square planters are plastic, all the round ones are clay pots. All I did was wipe them down quickly and then painted them with just one coat of Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint. Even though some of them are quite decently sized it took me almost no paint at all. The pots were not supposed to look brand new so I wasn’t concerned with either super perfect coverage or a little paint discoloration (as I hadn’t scrubbed the pots squeaky clean).

Toepfe 3 copy

So there you go. If you want to freshen up your porch, consider painting your pots. It’s quick, it’s easy and it can have quite an impact. And if you have a green thumb on top of it, you’ll create a little paradise on your porch in no time 😉

Happy Memorial Day weekend y’all!


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