The other day I sold one of my shutters. The green one. This one


While I’m happy that it sold, it was also the item in my shop that kept drawing people in. So now that it’s not available anymore it needs an adequate replacement. The only things is: I’m fresh out of shutters and it seems it’s not that easy to get hold of any around here. Not the smaller ones anyway.

So we just decided we’d build our own. If we can build a barn door we can certainly downsize it and make a “mini barn door shutter” :-)


Yes, they don’t have slats, but I think they’re pretty cool looking anyway. Plus, as we can make them ourselves we’ll never run out of them and they’re easier to paint, too. So I can go all out there, trying fancy techniques without having to charge a fortune. Because I’m telling you, as much as I adore shutters with slats. they are a bit of a pain in… well, you know 😉

As you can see I’ve based the shutter out in grey, it’s a mix of Paris Grey and French Linen. And then the fun began. See all the paint cans in the background in the picture above? Oh yes!

This is, what I had in mind (and yes, if you followed my posts at all you’ll recognize this picture, I’m so in love with these shutters!)

Green Shutters

So I started with a custom mix of Antibes Green and Provence and then randomly added shades of Paris Grey, Arles (a lovely warm yellow) and another custom mix of Antibes Green and Napoleonic Blue. Really, for what I usually do I went all out there and I had.a.blast!


Now it didn’t turn out quite as vibrant as my inspiration but I like that you can see so many different shades.

Once I was done painting, I rubbed the paint back so that the grey underneath became visible again in parts and finally clear waxed the whole shutter and added a bit of dark wax to deepen the colors but mainly I rubbed it into the imperfections of the wood

PAF-2837 PAF-2838 PAF-2861

I love how it turned out. It’s up on etsy now. In case anybody just wants to hang it without turning it into a photo or notice board, here it is all “naked”


As much as I seem to crave painting white at the moment for our house – I had a blast with this one.

I hope it shows :-)

Have a lovely week everybody. It will be a weird one for me. My little one is starting Kindergarten and as proud as I am of my little big boy – I’ll miss his little face around the house during the day.

I guess I’ll have lots of time for painting. Doesn’t sound half bad 😉


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