Once upon a time there was a step child… – The story of a dining room

Ever since we moved into our home almost five years ago the dining room had been treated like our step child. We never had a formal dining room in any of the places we’d lived before and as we’re not big entertainers and neither one of us has family so close by that they would come over and hang out all the time, we didn’t really see the need for one. Personally, I’d have been happy as a clam with just a nice breakfast nook or dining area in the kitchen but instead we found this when we first looked at the house

swaggertown-road-9847Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice. It just wasn’t us. It was way too stylish and fancy to be us. Also, if you remember, I first wanted a mediterranean style house, so that wall color had to go.

So now that the house came with a formal dining room and a built in kitchen table, we just moved our dinner table and chairs into the dining room and that was about it.


It was more cheery than it used to be and it felt more open but we hardly ever used it. Unless we had visitors or maybe – and that was a big maybe – for holidays or other special occasions. But usually, we hung out in our kitchen that opens up to the family room.

It started to really bug me, though. There was this perfectly fine room, all set up, and it was never used. What a waste of space! I thought changing the color of the room would help. Changing colors always helps changing the feel of a room. So we painted it last fall. And I liked it a lot better. Like a LOT better. Still, it didn’t feel right.

DSC_9267 editedSorry about the quality of the pictures. They were all taken as quick snap shots and I didn’t think far enough ahead that one day I might need decent photos.

Then one day I started to rearrange everything. There’s no point in having a dining room set up in a traditional way if as a result it doesn’t get used. So first I turned the table and all of a sudden I found myself with a lot more space in the room.

Esszimmer 2 copyAs you can see I moved the bench from the entrance way in front of the window and the little dresser from the entrance way followed. I painted the table white – of course – and it was almost like a mini miracle. All of a sudden I was in love with the dining room. It looked more lived in, less sterile, and therefore more inviting. At the same time I found myself with a spacious and far less cluttered entrance way. Double score!!

The hubby very willingly put together some shelves according to my instructions and voilà, the dining room has been upgraded from step child level to favorite room 😉

DSC_2622DSC_2595I love how fresh it looks!

DSC_2624DSC_2694 editedAnd the new shelves rock (even if I haven’t touched up the screws with paint yet – oops!)

DSC_2700 editedI love to sit in here now with my morning coffee, getting the day started next to my little coffee station and thinking of all kinds of projects…

Esszimmer 4 copy

I also brought some fresh green in to the room…

Esszimmer 3 copy

Hm, I don’t have a particularly green thumb, so let’s see how long these little friends will survive….

I just noticed there’s an awful lot of pink in the room at the moment although I’m not really so much of a pink person. Maybe I’m still under the Valentine’s spell? Or maybe I’m just craving spring :-)

By the way, don’t let the appearance fool you, there are kids living in this house…

Esszimmer 6 copy

So the table’s not always clean, there are dirty glasses and cups on, and forgotten shoes under the table 😉

 My breakfast is done now and my coffee is empty – time to start the day!

Esszimmer 5 copy

Hope it’s going to be a great one for you ;-)!


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