Our New Old Kitchen

Hi everybody :-) It’s been ages since my last post, I know. But today I have something exciting to share.

When we moved into our house, this is what our kitchen looked like (these are actually pictures from the listing)

CRMLS201011726D edited

I loved that it wasn’t a dated kitchen. I loved that there was lots of storage. The granite table tops were okay but I wasn’t a huge fan of the counter tops. Then again, it could have been worse and after all there’s always something, isn’t there?

It was a bit dingy though. Which of course I didn’t realize until after we closed on the house. Of course. That’s when you notice things like this, right? Even the French doors and the huge window in the living room didn’t make it any better.


There was no way around it, the kitchen cabinets needed some color. They needed to be painted and they needed to be white.  I was simply too chicken to do it. What if I was to screw it up? What if we ever decided to sell the house and people would hate what I had done? And so the last years passed. And the dingy kitchen stayed.

The husband knew all along that I would eventually break down and do it. He also knew that he’d need to let me stew for a while until I was ready. So he made sure I knew he’d be all supportive but gave me the time I needed to work up the courage for the project. He’s awesome like this :-)

Two weeks ago – after being in the middle of a dining room and entrance way make over  (more about that in a different post) I was finally there. And before anybody knew it, the kitchen island was painted. A day later the husband came home and the rest of the kitchen was already partly painted.

So here we go, I give you our new old kitchen 😉

DSC_2100 edited

It’s quite a change, isn’t it?

Kueche 2

No, by all means, my kitchen doesn’t look this neat on regular days. And it’s only because we had a snow day today that there were “snow day muffins” available for staging :-)

DSC_2088 edited

Years ago I always thought white would make a space look cold and uninviting – boy, have I changed my mind about that. It’s a breath of fresh air, and just look what happens at night…

DSC_2132 edited

It’s such a soft light, it looks so cozy and inviting

DSC_2141 edited

I’m so happy I’ve taken the plunge. I used ASCP Old White, by the way. Three coats and no distressing. I barely needed two quarts of paint and opted for varnishing instead of waxing (I think the idea of waxing is part of what kept me from painting the cabinets for so long).

Kueche 3

We’ve been in this house now for almost 5 years – but it finally feels like it’s becoming a proper home.

Our home.


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