Hi! I’m Meike.

I’m a German in exile on the U.S. East coast. Now it’s not like I woke up one morning and decided “Hey, why not pack your bags and live at the other end of the world!” It was more like meeting a guy from the other end of the world, falling in love with him, raising hell to move across the ocean, eventually getting married to him, moving over to England to bring me back to my European roots (oh, yes, and also to bring him closer to the job he’d taken) and finally moving back to the U.S. (again for job reasons).

So you might have picked up on it, the whole exile thing really is all the husband’s fault. But then again I have to admit that I’m finally starting to feel a bit at home – which is also the husband’s fault. At this point I think it’s fair to say that I really picked a good one. Husband that is ;-).

Along the way, while in England, we had two kids – a little girl, who’s now 9 and a little boy, who’s now 6 – and they sure keep us on our toes. But then again that’s what kids do, right? Right! They’re little German-Americans and so I try my best to raise them bilingually – which can be a challenge and I’m not always as persistent as I should.

I’ve always loved anything  interior design but I’ve never been trained in any way. The whole furniture painting started as something to keep my hands busy when universities here closed their language programs and it became hard to find a job. Have I mentioned that I’m actually an English teacher turned German teacher? Yep, that’s my other passion, I have a thing for languages (and believe it or not, for English grammar – although it still manages more often than not to sneak up on me and brand me as a non-native speaker. Darn it ;-)).  So anyway, being “just” a stay at home mom was just not for me (don’t get me wrong, I have the highest respect for stay at home moms – I just need to do something else to keep the balance) and painting seemed to give me the creative outlet that I needed. I started to turn our home that we had moved into 2 years ago finally into something that could not just be called a home but OUR home. Something that had our stamp on it. That doesn’t mean it all fits together. It doesn’t mean I’m following one particular style. I pick what works for us, I pick what we feel comfortable in and what helps us relax at the end of the day.

When things in our house had all been painted and I still wouldn’t stop painting the idea of an etsy shop came to mind. I’ve never had a shop before. I’ve never blogged before. I’m really just flying by the seat of my pants here. But I’m learning. And I’m having a blast. I’m getting a kick out of selling something in my shop and then hearing that whoever bought it loved what they got. I was almost in tears when I did my first wedding order (but then again I’m easily in tears :-))

I think for the first time I’ve found something that I’m completely comfortable with. Something that I’d love to grow from being just a hobby into something bigger. So far it’s all just a dream but then again you never know – dreams do come true sometimes, right?




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  1. I havent had a chance to contact you. Thanks you for my beautiful trays they look great in my living room, as soon as the room is complete I will send you pictures. You are the best! Enjoy this most blessed holiday season!

    • Thanks so much, Donna, I’m so glad you like the trays, makes me really happy! I’d love to see some pictures once you’re ready to share some. And if you find the time, a review on etsy would be greatly appreciated 😉 Happy Holidays to you, too!!

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