I order my paint from Patty at Classic Wall Finishes. Patty is great. She’s super nice, always helpful and willing to share tricks she has up her sleeve and she’s always super quick getting my paint orders to me. One thing she offers are sets of 4 oz sample pots. One pot will last you for a small project, this way you can easily test the waters with some of the colors without having to splurge on a whole quart of paint.  Now what tends to happen to me is, I order some samples and then tuck them away and totally forget I have them. Then one day it hits me that I still have new samples in the basement that I haven’t tried yet and it feels like Christmas :-)

“Christmas” happened to me a few days ago when I stumbled across this on Pinterest

pink and shabby

I’m usually not a very pink or even purple girl when it comes to furniture but this here has a bit of grey going with it that subdues the color a little and it just looks wonderful. It looked a little like Annie Sloan’s Paloma to me, which is kind of a greyish lavender taupe color and which – and this is when it struck me – I had ordered a sample of ages ago! I could hear the bells starting to ring :-)

On my way into the basement I passed this pitcher-4275

This was one of my first ever chalk paint projects and I was really proud of it once it was done. I had played around with old white and Arles (a sample I had ordered with my first ever order), I had played around with texture and dark wax – and it all turned out pretty decent. Just that it didn’t really fit in with anything anymore other than the dining room since the white cravings had gotten the better of me. So here we go – this was my perfect object for Paloma!

It seriously did not even take me 10 minutes to transfer this pitcher-4274

into this


Because you can simply paint over a previously painted piece all I had to do was grab a paint brush, open the sample and get to work. One coat was all it took and the pitcher was done (and it still left me with almost the entire 4 oz pot and the certainty that I’d have to order a quart of Paloma in the future).

Once it was dry, I clear waxed it and added some dark wax and as I had originally put lots of texture on the pitcher the dark wax had lots of little crevices to settle in and give it that wonderfully aged look.


As you can see I added a little bit more wax at the bottom as it would be naturally more “dirty” there DSC_5711

and I also added a little extra dark wax to where the handle joins the pitcher DSC_5726

Overall the dark wax toned the color down very nicely and gave it a warm and rich look and the whole waxing didn’t take longer than about 5 minutes. DSC_5728

When I went shopping this morning I picked up some Daffodils, they’re definitely my favorites in the spring DSC_5722

et voilà, all of a sudden the pitcher can be part of the living room and doesn’t have to feel abandoned in the dining room we hardly ever use :-)

I love myself a quick project :-) DSC_5731


I hope you’re all having a wonderful week 😉






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