I am so happy with my Swedish tray it makes me giggle. I actually really walk down into the kitchen in the morning and giggle when I see it. A few people have asked me why the tray has an open front. The answer is because the inspiration tray had an open front  but I honestly have no idea why. I kind of liked it because it was different and it reminded me of a baking board my mom used to have, so I copied it. As I will be using mine as a table we decided to leave the handles off.

While the tray made me happy even though it was sitting on the wrong stand, it was finally time to give it its proper legs. And here they are


This time I just painted and distressed and didn’t crackle anything, mainly because I didn’t want it to look exactly the same as the tray.


I also opted to use plain burlap ribbon for the straps that hold the stand in place as it fits better with the simple style of the whole tray table. As it’s February now I got the itch this morning to put away all kinds of winter decoration that was still around and finally got my beloved lavender bunches out again. I think this one found a perfect place peeking out from under the table, don’t you think?

My sweet friend Nina from -Made by Nina- sent me this cute little heart from Norway


so of course putting a Norwegian heart on a Swedish inspired tray just seemed like a logical thing to do :-) Thank you, Nina, I love it 😉

Right now we’re using the tray for all sorts of things, mostly to give my little one a space to quickly clean up his crayons and pencils and other basic school things, like his popcorn words. This way we can just quickly grab them when we have a minute to practice or play.


But I’m sure as soon as spring hits the spring decoration will take over.


For now I’m one step closer to turning our living room into a white living space, in which we can let color pop whenever we want to.



Enjoy your weekend y’all 😉



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