Good morning, I hope you all had a lovely weekend! I had mentioned in my post last week that I’m planning on selling our “old” tray table that used to sit in our living room until I replaced it with a different and more aged version. This would be it


Looking around for good pictures I noticed that I didn’t actually have that many of it. Partly because I only made it last summer after I had sold its twin on etsy. It’s been painted in Annie Sloan’s Duck Egg Blue and French Linen. The Duck Egg Blue got finished with tinted white wax, while the French Linen part was given a driftwood effect.

The tray is big. It measures 27.25″L x 19.25″D and the stand is 25″T. To give you an idea what it can hold, this is a picture from my birthday last year


I must have been a very good girl :-) This is the tray’s twin but obviously the size is the same.

When I sell these tray stands on etsy they usually go for $100 plus shipping. Now this one is a bit more than six months old and it has a few bleeding through “issues”, so I will let it go for $50 plus shipping (depending on where you are shipping is somewhere between $18 and $30) The tray is made of pine wood and because I had originally intended for it to be a keeper I had not bothered to make sure to prevent bleeding through. I honestly don’t mind the stains and I hadn’t even noticed them until I thought about selling it. But I’m aware that some of you might mind so I’m giving you the heads up and I’ve taken some pictures, too, so you can see for yourself.

DSC_5516 DSC_5517 DSC_5515 DSC_5519 DSC_5521 DSC_5522

The tray stand has a stain, too, on one side


but it’s on the inside and the other side is fine so you could just turn it around.

As I said, I hadn’t even noticed until I cleaned the table off and had a good look at it. The stain on the tray stand was facing the living room and still nobody picked up on it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to talk you into anything, I’m just trying to explain that while the stains are visible they’re not terrible.

If you’re interested, feel free to email me at I’m very attached to my pieces so it’d make me happy if this one found a good new home 😉


Have a lovely week everybody!




One thought on “TRAY TABLE FOR SALE

  1. Thanks so much for your reply. I love your tray table, the stain you used is so soft and comfy looking to me. It’s funny cause I have a bamboo table similar with a wicker tray out in shed. I love yours but guess I’d better stick with my old one. Thanks for offer tho. Not in my budget either sorry to say or I’d be very tempted to buy it
    I’m getting pretty tired of tables we have had for few years now, want something little different style and not dark stain so maybe I should give at least one of them a good sanding and stain it in the soft gray. Glad you replied tho. I like to make new friends on their blogs. Happy weekend