Wall Pockets

A while ago I had found a single wall pocket at a garage sale. I painted it and when I posted it on Facebook I got a huge reaction to it.


Please ignore the “Happy Spring” chalkboard, I made that back when we still had that season. These days it seems we’re stuck with winter all year long. For somebody who’s not a winter person this year has been a killer. But I bet I’m not the only one who feels this way 😉

Anyway, since then I had an eye out for wall pockets and sure enough I found a set just a few weeks later. Totally different style, but wall pockets nonetheless.


They were in really good condition and they weren’t bad by any means. But they were too golden for me and the green wasn’t my cup of tea either. Neither were the flowers. They were just not “cottagey” enough for me. But then I also did not have any idea what I wanted to do with them. None of the colors I had in the basement seemed right and I couldn’t even picture a good color on them. So they ended up in the basement where they stayed for almost a year.

Then I re-painted my pitcher in Annie Sloan’s Paloma and fell in love with the color. And I knew right then that this would be the perfect color for the wall pockets – very subtle but beautiful. It’s a wonderful color for the cottage look and it looks great with dark wax, which I wanted to use to bring out the details in the wall pockets. Also, I had ordered some gilding wax a while ago, which – if used sparingly – could add a really nice and elegant touch. A little bit of gold is fine where it fits – as long as the gold doesn’t hit me in the face.

So that was the plan and I set to work.


This was after the first coat with the paint still all wet. While chalk paint sticks to almost anything, glass or glazed ceramics can sometimes be a bit of a challenge and require a bit of patience (which I don’t always have a lot of :-)). But in this case the wall pockets and the chalk paint became instant friends.


You can see where the chalk paint starts to dry – I love that soft, chalky finish!

And yes, I’d forgotten to paint the bottom. Oops :-)

Even though the coverage of the first coat was already pretty good I decided to let the paint dry over night and to put on a second coat the next day as I didn’t want any of the paint to come off again during the waxing process. If the wall pockets just had been one color it might have looked cool but with the flowers on there I didn’t think it would be such a good idea. I let the pockets sit overnight again and then stared waxing this morning straight away after the kids were out the house. Did I mention that being patient is a bit of a challenge for me? Well, yeah….

I put a coat of clear wax on and then the fun began


The dark wax always looks a bit scary in the beginning because you apply a lot (especially if you want to work it into crevices) but once you wipe it off, and maybe even erase a little with some clear wax, it gives any paint color a wonderful patina. You can see the bottom part is already done and I had just applied some to the top that still needed to be wiped off.

Here the first one is done and the other one has not even been clear waxed yet. See how much richer the color gets with the help of some dark wax?


and how nicely the wax settles into the crevices?


(and the bottom’s been painted by now, too ;-))

By the time both of them were done I liked them so much I almost left them like this




But then I thought I really should try something different and applied some gilding wax after all



It just gave them a tiny bit of glam :-)


So yes, I can understand if some people liked the wall pockets to begin with and think I was crazy to paint them. But I hope you can  see in the pictures that I didn’t just paint them because I felt like painting but that I gave them a completely different look. I love them and  in case anybody else loves them, too – by tonight they’ll probably be up on etsy and on The Mustard Seed Pages :-)

Thanks for reading 😉




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